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Lloyd's R/C Page


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Looking backward...

History of My Hobby

I started in the R/c hobby racing cars and trucks every saturday night behind the hobby center of Killeen. I have always wanted to get into the planes but never had the money to do so. Now that I'm older and have a desent job its not that expensive at all. 300 $ got me started with everything I needed. My first plane was a Hobbico Avistar, excellent trainer, its an advanced trainer and the reason why they say its advanced is that due to the angle of the wings dihedral its an easy to fly plane but because it has a semi-symmetrical wing it could do loops, rolls and snaps easily, so you could advance really quickly, I was bored with it after 2 months, I soloed on my 3rd or 4th flight. I have just recently bought a .40 sized kaos ,to learn pattern on. It's a great plane fast and straight like an arrow, it flies as if it were on rails.

My Background

My name is Lloyd Stiles and I live in Gatesville Texas. I own 7 acres and a mobile home. I have 6 dogs. I lost Cloe due to her getting out of the fence and was hit on the highway. My wife's name is Sabrina, I am 25 years old and she is 23, we have been together since December 10, 1997, we were married on April 1st 2000.

In memory of Cloe
I'll always love and miss you