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Lloyd's R/C Page
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Let's go flying.


Hello everyone. Welcome to my fun page. I started out in the R/C hobby 4 or 5 years ago racing cars and trucks, it wasn't until 4 months ago that I got into the planes. I wish I had done it a long time ago. I had a previous site up but it was deleted, and now I must start from scratch.

My Avistar and I
Before first flight

I have many flights on my Avistar, but lost the count due to my last site being deleted, I would say its in the 50-60 range, I soloed my 3rd or 4th time out dont remember, I have just ordered me a Tower's Kaos .40 size from Tower Hobbies Should be here the middle of next week.




Well, had my first crash today, and feel pretty bad about it, you know that feeling you get when you are gonna do something you know you'd better not??? Well I had that feeling today and thought to myself, im not gonna drive 45 minutes to the field and not fly. Well the wind was pretty gusty prolly around 30-40 MPH. I took off and did a few circles around the field and thought "My GOD, its too damn windy I'd better bring her in. So I brought her in low and slow and next thing I know the wind is flipping her on her back, so i hit the throttle  to circle back around for another try and it ends up killing the engine, with no thrust and no air over the control surfaces, it just continues to fall on its back and next thing you know WHAP!!!! the top of the nose hits first. Engine and all electronics are ok and I think I can fix her ,but maybe I should go back on the buddy box for a few weeks. ;) hehe I'll put some pics of it here as soon as i can get some batteries for my camera.


Been working on the KAOS over at Fred's house. Hes doing most of the work to show me how to properly build and set up an aircraft. The Avistar came prebuilt all i had to do was put the tail planes on. The Kaos is much different no engine radio or anything was installed, the plane was just assembled in major pieces and precovered. Ran into a few problems.... the guy "or gal" who built it paid no attention to what they were doing and many of the surfaces were warped or not aligned, the most difficult one was the wings, they had about a 1/4 inch gap on the leading and trailing edges and bowed out in the middle. we sanded the wings and they fit ok i guess. We were waiting for the glue to dry and it got kinda late, so Fred went ahead and brought me home and he said he would finish the rest. All we lack are tightening the muffler bolts and installing the radio reciever and servos and hooking up all the control arms installing the clevises and trimming it out. I will have my first flight with it tomorow and will let yall knoiw how it comes out... hopefully i wont be needing to take a trash bag home with me, im very nervous since my crash, oh and by the way the avistar is not a total loss at all, as a matter of fact all i need to do is replace the very front of the nose very very simple, will prolly cost a total of 15 bucks to fix :):):):):):) not bad at all, we are thinking of converting it to an electric so we can give it to a kid that comes to the field all the time but his parents are not well off with money so we will give it to him with an old radio of fred's, the reason why we decided on convertiing it to electric is for the fact that the kid's parents wont need money for fuel he will just have to keep the batteries charged, i refer to him as "the kid" cuz i dont wanna spoil the surprise. See yall soon and wish me luck.

Radio Control Modeling
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